Dull complexion ? 7 facials to pamper your skin


With the start of the school year and the month of September already well underway, it is difficult to prolong the effects of summer on our health. As fall arrives, many of us end up with a dull, gray complexion. And this is completely normal. However, there is no inevitability. It is enough to know how to choose good products, respectful of our skin and above all, effective. In order to solve this problem (and more), the experts of Elemis, UK’s # 1 skin care brand, offer us a tailor-made beauty routine. We make you discover it.

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The pro-collagen range to plump the skin

Does this name mean anything to you ? This is completely normal. Elemis.com is a English luxury professional brand which is among the world leaders in the skin care industry. She is even most popular in England, and for good reason.

She uses natural active ingredients and recent scientific technologies to offer us a range of tailor-made products. His goal ? Reactivate and visibly plump the skin. Here are our 3 favorite products from the Pro-Collagen range:

1 – The marine cream & pro-collagen cleansing balm duo

No need to multiply the products in your beauty vanity. With this award-winning duo, you have everything you need to leave your skin clean and hydrated all day long.. The balm cleanses and nourishes the skin, day and night. And for its part, the marine cream moisturizes and helps to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while respecting your skin.

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2 – The regenerating pro-collagen serum

Another essential best-seller for your beauty routine: this gentle serum that improves the appearance of expression lines as well as the clarity and firmness of the skin. The formula also minimizes pigment discoloration due to age, damage from sun exposure, and tightens pores. The complexion is visibly improved and fresher.

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3 – The advanced treatment for pro-collagen eyes

You may not have known it, but the first area of ​​the face affected by signs of aging is the eye area. It is therefore essential to take care of it as soon as possible. We choose this ultra-light serum that smooths, firms and hydrates the eye area. It visibly reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet thanks to its active ingredients rich in proteins. Just apply some a few drops every morning for a result as quickly as possible.

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The Superfood range with plants to nourish the skin

If science is able to boost its effects, nature has already planned everything to keep us healthy and improve the radiance of our skin. With its new Superfood skin care line, Elemis uses plant-based and nutrient-rich superfoods. Some contain a natural prebiotic (derived from sugar, editor’s note) to replenish the skin and hydrate it. At the key? A radiant complexion of health and naturally fresh!


1 – The vital veggie Superfood mask

We completely melted for this nourishing, smoothing and brightening mask. It leaves the skin soft, smooth, nourished and visibly more radiant. Inspired by smoothies, it is full of green foods rich in nutrients and lightening fruit acids.

THE’avocado oil and chia seeds rich in omega strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier. You will also find wheat herb extracts, kale and nettle.

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2 – Superfood nourishing facial oil

Do you have dry skin and a dull complexion? Full of nutrients, this oil nourishes the skin by infusing it with 9 superfoods rich in oxidants. Ideal for a healthy glow! Each drop contains a broccoli, flaxseed and white radish concentrate. Its ultra-light moisturizing formula balances and smoothes the skin. The real ally of luminous skin!

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3 – Superfood prebiotic night cream

During the night also your skin works. This is why she needs to be fed with appropriate care. This cream contains a blend of super cereals (barley, quinoa, sweet almond milk) rich in omega and an active prebiotic that intensely hydrate the skin during sleep. In the morning, the complexion is fresh and radiant with health!

It also contains a blend of essential oils of lavender, ylang-ylang and vetiver. A pure moment of relaxation …

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4 – Superfood Cica Calm hydration gel

And to finish your anti-dull complexion beauty routine, don’t miss out on this prebiotic moisturizing gel that gives the skin all its freshness! Made up of 75% organic aloe vera, this gel hydrates and instantly refreshes the skin of the face.

It also softens sensitive or dehydrated areas. Its formula is vegan and silicone-free. You will also find kiwi and tangerine extracts, the perfect cocktail to give our complexion all its freshness!

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With this selection of expert Elemis skincare products, finish a dull complexion! The skin regains its radiance, you restore light and vitality. And because good news never comes alone: you can benefit from an exclusive offer of -30% on your first order* with the promo code BIENVENUE30! To benefit from it now, only one address: Elemis.com.

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