6 benefits of welcoming a sex toy in your privacy


As we explained to you recently, more and more French people are letting themselves be tempted by adult toys. Gone are the days when a couple didn’t think they needed sex toys to spice up their intimate life. Vibrating egg, penis ring, vibrator, anal plug … demand is exploding and couples’ intimacy is significantly improved! You hesitate to take the plunge? The editorial team gives you 6 benefits of welcoming a sex toy in your privacy. As a bonus we have concocted a selection of intimate toys available on the Sinful sexshop, you will tell us the news …

1 – Break your sexual routine

When we’ve been together for a long time, we tend to always reiterate the same positions, always the same places to make love… If the sexual routine is not necessarily something negative, for some it can be boring. After trying everything, are you a little tired of having to rack your brains, hoping to rekindle the flame of desire?

Faced with this observation, the adult toy is a nice idea to bring something new to your romantic antics. The offer is very wide and it is now easy to find a sex toy that will appeal to both. Among them, the vibrating egg is particularly recommended to increase the excitement and promote bonding as a couple.

This remote-controlled sex toy slips into the vagina and can be controlled remotely. A perfect toy therefore to have fun together by giving control to his / her partner. You just have to choose yours and imagine a new naughty scenario to test it … As a bonus, it can be used outdoors and / or alone.

“Fantasy for Her”, remote controlled vibrating egg

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2 – Free yourself from your barriers

As we know, many women (more than men unfortunately) still feel a certain embarrassment to free oneself completely in their sexuality. They do not dare certain positions, they dare not “make too much noise”, they dare not express their fantasies … Not to mention the orgasm that they rarely reach, sometimes even preferring to “simulate” to satisfy their partner.

Those days are over! Sex toys allow a new form of enjoyment and pleasure that push us out of our comfort zone. And if there are some that are causing a sensation in recent years it is: Air Pulse stimulators. In the program : delicious pulses that fully stimulate the clitoris, without coming into direct contact with. Perfect to go alone or as a duo to conquer your privacy. A small toy for a new life, to be consumed without moderation!

“Satisfyer Dual Pleasure”, pulsed air vibrator

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3 – Increase your libido tenfold

You only have to take a look in Christian Grey’s red room to understand how numerous sexual practices are … Well, the same goes for sextoys! Couples will be delighted to be able to use them in pairs, or one for the other in order to increase their libido tenfold.

The prices are accessible and allow live extraordinary sex where only the imagination is the limit of the couple. In order to let the magic operate until you reach an orgasm, why not test the penis ring? This ring that you put around the penis, also called cock ring in English, helps to strengthen the erection. As a bonus when the penis ring has a vibrating motor, the latter stimulates the clitoris during duo cuddles.

“Fun Factory NOS”, vibrating penis ring


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4 – Explore unsuspected erogenous zones

We all have them, you may doubt it right now, but yet we do. If you don’t know yours yet, it might be because your partner hasn’t been able (or not able to) explore your body in the right way yet. Sex toys are thus an excellent way to rediscover sensations as a duo, to linger on little-known areas. and push your sensuality to the highest level of pleasure …

If the G-spot is a source of intense pleasure for women, the point P “prostatic point” is somewhat its equivalent in humans. So, if your partner feels comfortable with this practice, you can introduce him to prostate massage during your lovemaking. Divine moments in perspective!

“Fun Factory Bootie”, small anal plug

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5 – De-stress for two

Have you had a difficult day and you feel that the tension is building with your partner? What if you instead lead this frustration under the covers ? Relaxation is at your fingertips. Granting a few minutes of pleasure with a sextoy will undoubtedly de-stress you in addition to tickle your partner’s libido.

The best partner for that? A wand vibrator. A little magic wand and your wish will be granted. You can relax each other by indulging in massages on your erogenous zones that could quickly lead to ultimate pleasure

“Sinful Curvy Double Pleasure”, rechargeable wand vibrator

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6 – Strengthen your bond

By exploring your sexuality through the regular choice of new sex toys, you will inevitably discuss several intimate subjects, talk about your fantasies… You will break down your barriers a little to confide in the other, to confess your best kept secrets. And what delicious feeling to know that our partner can at any time fulfill one of our fantasies

What if you just found this little magic point that makes you take off ? Area described by some women as a holy grail triggering sumptuous orgasms, the G-spot can be explored alone or with a partner. If it is possible to stimulate it during penetration, you can also explore this very sensitive erogenous zone using a sextoy. Ideal for rediscovering your complicity under and outside the duvet …

“Je Joue G-Kii”, vibrator for G-spot, adjustable and rechargeable

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As you can see, using one or more adult toys as a couple is a real boost in many ways. There is only one thing left for you to do: get started. And if you want to discover even more sex toys, take advantage of the special campaign organized by Sinful.fr which offers you -25% on its 25 best sales!

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