4 keys to finding your way by freeing yourself from social pressure


80,000 hours. This is about the time you are going to spend at work in your life. Once this is taken into account, you understand the importance of doing a job that you enjoy and in which you thrive. But theory and practice are sometimes two very different things … What is expected of you can prevent you from fully accomplishing yourself. In this September, in other words back to school for both, here are some keys to find your way, by saying stop to social pressure!

1 – Accept that everything is not always all mapped out

First of all : changing lanes or not finding it is not a failure. You don’t have to do what everyone expects of you. Being good at school doesn’t mean you have to go to medicine, for example, or you don’t have to take over your parents’ business. You don’t necessarily have to strive for stability either. Midwifery is not a vocation reserved for women and a police officer, not just “a man’s job”. Clear, we say stop to gender stereotypes in the professions and social pressure to “find a job at any cost”.

To each his own aspirations and desires. To each his own rhythm. It’s okay not to know where you are going. During their lifetime, 9 out of 10 French people want to change their life or, at least, their profession according to a survey by Nouvelle vie pro.

Every story has a beginning and beginnings are not always perfect. More than ever you don’t have to enter boxes. This is your life. It’s up to you what to do with it, and if you haven’t found your way in your 20s, 30s, or 50s yet, no one is to blame you. Take your time to take a necessary step back. Let go, give yourself the right to be happy in a job that thrills you. Grant yourself the right to seize the opportunities that arise and provoke in you this “little trick”. Who knows, maybe you will like them?

2 – allow yourself to dream

We have often been made to believe that being too ambitious was a flaw. And yet, let us remind you: there is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming. Ask yourself what you would like to get deep inside: a CDI? A house ? A life in a van made up of traveling? A family ? A career on Wall Street? Do not confine yourself to just one job? To be an actor?


At this stage it doesn’t matter if your dreams are achievable or not, you will decide later. Close your eyes for a few moments and imagine what a job would make you feel so good that waking up at 6-7am would no longer be an ordeal. Learn from yourself and what you want to strive for by allowing yourself the right to dream. Dreams are a great engine to move forward, to evolve in life, in your career.

3 – Make a vision board to guide you

At school we were sometimes asked where we would see each other in ten years. If projecting so much seems complex, in reality, the question is not stupid. From that, do what’s called a vision board, in other words a visualization board.

Nothing could be simpler: do a collage with images and lyrics that inspire you. This will help you work on your priorities. What could be more important to find what suits us than knowing who we are? What’s more, when you get a little slack later on, this chart will help you remember why you are fighting.

Nothing magical about it, it is simply a question of having before your eyes the photos, the representations of what you want (priority of the day to achieve, desired career, little feel good mantra …) so that our brains stay the course.

4 – Take stock of your skills

Now that you know which direction you want to go, it’s time to find the means. What do you know how to do concretely? Are you ready to resume training or not? How do you want to invest in your work? Are you ready to devote your days and nights to a project? Do you want your work to pace your life or for it to take only a small part of it?

So many questions to which it is good to answer in order to further define your aspirations on the work side. We cannot say it enough: there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn, and especially no age for that, no matter what people say. Do things for you. You have the right!

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