they film and denounce their assaults on TikTok


Harassment of women in public space is systematic in most of the world. Many women and young girls dare to testify verbally to these assaults, but few are the people who believe them. As a result, they no longer intend to let it go and now publish their assaults on video on TikTok. One solution among many others to counter the effect of incredulity of women, and make men understand the extent of the phenomenon. Decryption

Harassment in transport affects 100% of women

On the subject of harassment in public transport, the figures are quite telling: 100% of women have already been victims of physical or verbal assault. This was demonstrated by this study by the High Council for Equality in 2020. Harassment against women in public spaces encompasses several verbal and physical attacks. These can be repetitive calls,insults, glances insistent, of threats, touching, of “friction”, of masturbations and exhibitions in public, all without the assault’s consent. And this, whatever his clothes, his age or his physical appearance.

Even today, when a woman denounces these assaults, the general public (and mainly men) systematically reacts with a minimization of facts. This sexist and sexual violence then passes for “simple flirting”, which should even please and flatter abused women. The victim of harassment is told thatshe “exaggerates” or “dramatizes” the events experienced. In question ? Centuries of sexism, which have made the word of a woman simply not very credible.

Take the risk of filming to be heard

The last escape for these victims to make the reality of the harassment problem heard is social networks. More and more women have thus decided to film live with their smartphone the assaults to which they are victims on a daily basis. A technique that allowsillustrate a phenomenon that only those who have lived it can know. Their platform of choice to distribute the videos is especially TikTok, the favorite Chinese social network of Generation Z.


Wearing a skirt in Paris or wearing a short skirt🥰 #fyp #pourtoi #pervers #paris

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Overwhelming videos of violence

Repeated, insistent glances can also be extremely heavy during a journey, especially if they come from a group of men. This young Frenchwoman (in the video above) witnessed it in the Paris metro and filmed it. We see in the video three boys sitting in front of her who keep looking at her and her legs, throwing between them knowing and knowing looks. She calls out to them: ” There is a problem ? “, and causes surprise to them. They don’t say anything. “Well, if there is a problem you look elsewhere”, concludes the young girl. His video was viewed over 2.7 million times on TikTok.


There is also the case of Ariadne, who was waiting alone at a bus stop. Harassed in the street, she managed to film the scene, in case things go wrong, but also to have “Proof of what women experience on a daily basis”, as she explains. We hear her react in the video, but she nevertheless confided to Konbini not being too aggressive out of fear. She then shared the video on her TikTok account where it was also reportedly viewed over two million times.

“You never know how the guy will react, if he will take out a knife or slap us”, explains Ariane.

The sound and the conversations are overwhelming, and say a lot about what women experience on a daily basis in public places. Sadly and sadly, these are fairly banal scenes for a woman or a person from a minority group.

Harassment in public spaces from an early age

Another disturbing example is the case of the tiktoker Kiarra Jobe (@maassassin_). On April 30, while she was recording a video for her community of more than 30,000 subscribers, an unknown man in his thirties approaches her in a hotel lobby.

She was able to record a video in which he alpaca her on the pretext of asking her for a chair, and settles down next to him as she tells him she didn’t want to. He continues to ask her personal questions, before inviting her to follow him by holding out his hand. “The scariest night of my life so far”, Kiarra captioned the video.


Scariest night of my life so far. #fyp #kidnapping #stranger #creepy # april24 #scary #staysafe #foryou #man #help

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Harassment in public spaces often starts very early. According to the latest figures available, provided by the Hollaback association after a 2014 survey, 65% of women have experienced street harassment before their 15th birthday, and 14% of them before their 10 years. Figures as aberrant as they are distressing …

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