The “integrative gym”, where the art of playing sports without thinking about it


What if we promised you abs without sweating too much, or even putting on jogging or spending a single euro … We got you? Well that’s the simple principle of: integrative gym. PFor all the lazy or the overworked, this type of “sport” is a good compromise. Here’s how to make this gym part of your routine.

Gym … what?

Gym in-té-gra-ti-ve. For burn calories and build muscle bit by bit, without going for a jog or in the gym, it is the dream alternative. The principle is super simple: add a series of small exercises in all his daily actions. Brushing teeth, taking the metro, ironing … and we could tell you more.

All day long, from when we wake up until we go to bed, these short movements do not require any equipment. It’s about a gentle gym that can be practiced anywhere and anytime, whenever you want. It’s free and non-binding. We add to this a few gestures such as taking stairs rather than escalators and you are good at being at peace with your body.

The concept of integrative gym was born in the United States. Then, it is Valérie Orsoni, fitness and nutrition coach of the stars who has precisely started to popularize it across the Atlantic. Speaking of stars, last very convincing argument: Sharon Stone is a very big fan of integrative gym (we say that, we say nothing …).

Simple exercises to practice all day

Ready? We go to practice of this integrative gym through 7 key moments of the day. Follow the guide !

1 – Upon awakening

Make 15 breaths through the nose by contracting the diaphragm well. Chain with a 1-minute sheathing session. This position, called the plank, will strengthen your stomach, buttocks, thighs and arms. Enough to wake you up!

2 – Preparing a meal

Stay upright on tiptoe for a few minutes. Then do a small set of squats. To do this, stand with your legs apart (corresponding to your shoulder width) and your feet on the same line. Then inhale and descend until your thighs are parallel to the floor. And finally, go back up while exhaling.

3 – In the car or transport

In traffic jams, pull in your stomach and contract your abs 30 times for 15 seconds, release 15 seconds, then start again. On the other hand, in the metro, sitting down, place your bag between your knees and tighten as hard as possible. Maintain the position for 6 seconds, release while blowing. 2 sets of 10 reps, recovering 6 seconds between each movement. Neither seen nor known !


4 – At the office

Seated, we push on his knee with the hand towards the ceiling. The resistance of the hand must be sufficient to slow hip movement. Maintain the pressure for 6 seconds and change legs. 2 sets of 5 reps on each leg.

5 – During a household chore

If you vacuum or broom, take the opportunity to do front lunge series. To do this, take a big step forward and then go down to a 90 ° angle with your front knee. Supporting your toe, your back leg is parallel to the ground. Finally, push off with your leg to return to your original position. Repeat this movement changing legs each time.

6 – Watching TV

Lie on your back and gently raise your legs until you get an angle of 45 °. Then lower your legs without touching the ground. Repeat this 30 times and count 1 minute of rest between each set.

Can also chain sitting this time with a work on his biceps thanks to 1 liter water bottles. A bottle in each hand, without arching the back, arms alongside the body, we alternately bend the elbows to bring the bottles to the shoulders. 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

7 – While brushing teeth or removing makeup

Lean against the wall and go down to your thighs and legs to form a 90 degree angle as if you were sitting on an invisible chair. Stay in this position for 15 seconds before slowly reassemble and start over.

At last, we think to take a few reflexes like parking at the end of a parking lot when going shopping, contract teenagers as soon as you walk or as soon as you are at home and move on your tiptoes in order to contract your glutes. In short, you will understand it is a question of adding here and there some integrative gym exercises to your routine. to be able to tell colleagues “I had an amazing session yesterday”.

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