The French would be the least fulfilled under the covers and in love


The results of this study commissioned by The Poken Company and carried out by the IFOP are without appeal: French women are the least fulfilled in love and under the covers … out of more than 5,000 women surveyed. If this was already the case during the last study three years ago, the pandemic does not seem to have helped anything. Quite the contrary. We take stock of this news that touches us head-on.

Unhappy under the covers and in love

Published this Friday, September 3, 2021, the results of this study are already causing a stir in the press. When asked if they are satisfied with their current love life, French women are 28% to answer “no”, tied with the United Kingdom. Next comes Italy (24%), Spain (21%) and finally, Germany (16%).

Carried out via a self-administered online questionnaire from March 1 to 5, 2021 with a sample of 5,025 women, representative of the female population aged 18 and over residing in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. United, the survey also shows a more or less marked sexual dissatisfaction.

35% of French women are dissatisfied with their sex life. Far ahead of Italy (30%), Spain (28%), the United Kingdom (27%) and Germany (23%). And quantity does not necessarily rhyme with quality since, on the contrary, French women are the most likely (20%) to have had more than 10 sexual partners in their life, according to this study. Just ahead of the English (19%), the Germans (16%), the Spanish (13%) and the Italians (9%).

As logical (given the sexual frustration felt) as it is surprising, French women are part of those who had the least sexual intercourse in the 4 weeks elapsed before the survey (41%). The English are 46%, the Germans 36%, the Italians 32% and the Germans 28%.

Blame it on the pandemic?

We explained it to you in an article: the Covid crisis has profoundly changed our relationship with our own image. Deprived of social life and romantic encounters, we have tended to withdraw into ourselves, to doubt our power of seduction or even to hate our body (especially because of weight gain during confinement). In short, this year and a half has not restored our image, quite the contrary.

In this sense, can we attribute the catastrophic figures of the study to the Covid 19 crisis? Asked by, François Kraus, director of the “Gender, sexualities and sexual health” expertise at IFOP tempers : “Several studies in the United States or the United Kingdom already showed this downward trend in young adults before the health crisis. “


Thus, we will have to wait for new studies to be sure., even if, still according to François Kraus:

“The main impacts of the crisis on the psychological health of populations (increase in the rate of stress or anxiety, depressive states, harmful consumption of alcohol, suicidal thoughts, etc.) are all likely to alter libido and / or sexual fulfillment. “

It is therefore difficult to point out a culprit for this sexual and romantic frustration. among European women and particularly French women.

Diversification of sexual experiences

At the same time, the study also tells us some information about the sexual practices of European women. We retain that games illustrating a form of symbolic male domination“are in decline. On average in Europe, facial ejaculation is down by one point compared to 2016. The biffle (sexual practice consisting of slapping his / her sexual partner with his penis), 4 points. Conversely, other practices are popularizing: +4 points for sodomy and consistent results for rimming since 2016 (17%).

Are we moving towards a detabouisation of the sexuality of European women? It seems so. Even if, according to the figures, sexual and romantic satisfaction is not there. It would now be interesting to further study in order to know the causes of this double dissatisfaction. And you what do you think ? Come and discuss it on our forums.

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