6 tips to overcome it


Summer has passed like an arrow and suddenly we have to put on a jacket, the sky is grayer, the dead leaves are already falling around us. We start again the famous metro-work-sleep routine … Here are some keys to approach serenely this return, to understand this temporary depression and to get around it effectively.

1 – Give yourself a little (a lot) of time for yourself

When everything suddenly starts up again and speeds up to frenzy, self-care is essential. Understand that it is essential that everyone, in their own way, do themselves good. It can be body care, such as doing masks, massages, taking exfoliating baths or, for example, masturbating. Take time for yourself, recharging your batteries and relaxing allows you to preserve your mental health, but also your physical health.

You can also practice meditation, yoga or go for a drink with your friends after your work or your classes are over! If you have the time you can even combine all these “selflove tips” in one day. You will be even more perked up!

2 – Plan your next vacation

Book your holidays, it is already a little to be there, in his head … The idea is also to be able start a new project and already start to dream a little. Even if it’s only for next summer, and you don’t even have the budget to book your plane or train ticket yet. Considering this possibility of getting away from it all, even just a few days, will be of great benefit to you.

You can also schedule small weekends for the month of September. In addition, out of season everything is cheaper, less crowded with tourists and the weather remains pleasant. The opportunity then to discover a nearby region and believe yourself, for two or three days, still on vacation.

3 – get out of your house

It is prolong the joys of summer. Especially since the summer does not officially end until September 22! You can therefore quietly continue to wear light clothes, dine or have a drink on the terrace, organize an outdoor picnic …

No you are not ostrich, you just enjoy the last rays of the sun, and of the present moment. A few minutes a day is enough to fill up with vitamin D. Your body and your morale will thank you! You can even try to arrange your schedule so that you finish earlier in the evening. (we say that, we say nothing …).


4 – make to-do lists

September blues is also pressure to return to work. We have this desire to “stay in weekend / summer mode” forever, except that all good things come to an end. In other words, you have to get back into the bath and a good way to start is to know where to start.

Lists, or to-do lists, are a good way to organize yourself: you can describe how you will tackle this huge project step by step. You will see, with each step you take, you will find it much easier, and you will laugh at the fear you had of immersing yourself in this project.

You can also make a list of projects (or back-to-school resolutions) in the short or long term, both professional and personal. On the one hand, it saves you from thinking too much about past summer days and the joys of idleness. On the other hand, it allows you tostart back to school step by step, at your own pace and without forgetting things.

5 – resume sport

We continue with the idea of ​​taking care of ourselves with sport, ally of our physical and mental health (thank you endorphin!). Here again, everyone has their preferences, and it is by no means an obligation to get started. Swimming, twerking, running, table tennis, yoga, tennis, cycling, soccer … the possibilities are almost endless.

Back to school is the perfect opportunity to discover a new discipline, and maybe a new passion, especially with the first free lessons generally available!

6 – accept your feelings

Finally, if you feel a blues, a stroke of depression, you shouldn’t reject your feelings, but rather try to understand them. You have to welcome your thoughts in order to understand them better, however painful this mental face-to-face may be. Breathe deeply, analyze, understand, accept … after that, we can move on.

At the same time, the Health Assured site offers congratulations on small and large personal and professional successes. Each week, give yourself a little credit, out loud, in front of the mirror and straight in the eye.

Finally, don’t worry, this back-to-school blues hit usually only lasts a few days. If the symptoms remain, it could be a real depression or even depression. In this case, it is advisable to consult a professional.

And you, what are your remedies to calmly approach the start of the school year? Come and discuss it on the forum of The Body Optimist !

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