20 quick recipes so you don’t have to worry


It’s back to school, and we don’t really have the time to spend hours in the kitchen or looking for elaborate recipes. Between our work, our personal life with sometimes children and the daily grind which resumes, we simply need to get to the point. The whole, without sacrificing nutritional quality. Do you feel a little lost to prepare the evening meals or the lunch box at noon? Do not panic ! The editorial team shares with you 20 simple and effective recipes, for all diets, and which will satisfy young and old.

1 – The potato rostis

2 – Sheep wrap with country ham

3 – Lorraine quiche by Cyril Lignac

4 – Toscana salmon

5 – Stir-fried vegetables and quinoa, peanut sauce

6 – The veggie lentils & pesto bowl

7 – The express pie pie

8 – Wholemeal spinach & ricotta pasta

9 – Light and express chili con carne

10 – Spaghetti with garlic & nuts


11 – Crispy sesame tofu

12 – The easy chicken & mushroom pie

13 – Broccoli & cheddar quiche

14 – Honey & bacon goat pie

15 – Cauliflower gratin with bacon & ComtĂ©

16 – Seared gnocchi with mushrooms & spinach

17 – The minestrone with express pesto

18 – Chicken strogonoff with mushrooms

19 – Mexican rice

20 – Ham and cheese puff pastry tarts

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