This great-grandmother graduates from college at 78


Who said there was an age limit to achieve your dreams and win the challenges you set yourself? At 78, Vivian Cunningham graduated from the University of Birmingham, Alabama, USA. She tells her story to Inspiring!

“I tell you to follow your dreams”

Retired employee, mother of 2 children, grandmother of 3 children and great-grandmother of 3 children, this sparkling lady has spent 6 years studying for liberal studies at the University of Birmingham, Alabama. The joy of finally receiving her diploma was such that Vivian Cunningham said:

“If I could have done cartwheels on stage, I would have done it! “

For the occasion, all his family, including his 95 year old mother, made the trip to come and applaud him:

“I tell you to follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. Keep working and keep God close to you. “

Even louder, 2 weeks after graduation, Samford University offered to achieve a master’s degree. They released a scholarship for her and created another one which they named “Vivian Cunningham” for. honor its heritage and inspire future generations.

Very moved by the news, Vivian Cunningham warmly thanked her family : “I sometimes felt like I wanted to quit. But they were all 100% behind me! They pushed me to the end. ” For his part, her daughter, Tara Barnes, says she is absolutely delighted and proud :

“She set a goal. It took her a while to get there, but she finished it. She really motivated our whole family! “


The thirst for learning has no age

A magnificent success for Vivian Cunningham who worked 29 years as custodian and then as mailroom manager for the Alabama Power Company. Before retiring in 1992. She then used the company’s tuition reimbursement program to obtain an associate’s degree in paralegal studies from Virginia College. Far from having enough, she decided to continue her studies.

She had to attend evening classes for several years with students who were less than half his age. And when the pandemic hit, she had to adapt and complete her degree via the computer. The one who is always thirsty to learn does not regret anything and even thinks of attacking the mastery very soon. that he was offered to carry out thanks to the grant set up. We wish him all the best in the world!

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