“The Fox and the Bird”, a poetic short film on parenthood


“The Fox and the Bird” is a short film produced in 2018 by the brothers Fred and Sam Guillaume. In a hybrid world, both realistic and fantastic, a solitary fox improvises himself as the father of a bird barely hatched from its egg. This is how two roads cross to give birth to a family, until fate reminds everyone of their own path. This beautiful and joyful fable sends a message about the beauty of parenthood, in all its stages.

A lonely fox who became an improvised father

In a setting of natural and enchanting forest, a somewhat lonely fox seeks to fill his mind. In his daily life, he must eat and survive from day to day. Something that is sometimes very complex … One day he meets two naughty blue creatures who are fighting over a bunch of fish in order to catch the same. The fox then grabs one of the fish and escapes through the rocks, at the bottom of a tree trunk in his forest.

It’s there that the animal encounters a strange dazzling blue object. Appetizing, even. He grabs this egg on the verge of hatching, and prepares to swallow it in one go. Except that a little baby bird comes out. The hungry fox instantly softens in front of this curious new life. Since then, he improvises father of the baby bird. Together they discover each other, have fun, and the fox tries to teach him to stand on his own feet and steal fresh fish from the bad guys to survive.

Fundamental stages of fatherhood

Little by little, the chick makes its nest. He learns and lives things with his surrogate father, but also by itself, and through other birds that resemble it. Then this bird is formed a full personality. Finally, he flies with his family, into the infinite sky.

This short film thus offers us a moral, as in a fable. According to the two directors, it’s up to each and every one to understand their own version of the message behind the film’s poetry. However, one stands out: the beauty of parenting. “The Fox and the Bird” tells a poetic account of what it is to become a father. The directors tried to evoke these stages of fatherhood, from birth to adolescence of the offspring, and later, when the child escapes the parents.


Modeling from the real to the fantastic

If the story is pleasant and poetic, the technique is just as impressive. By learning about the making of this short film, we learn that the characters were made with plasticine, then painted and scanned in 3D. Result: “The Fox and the Bird” unveils the movements and expressions of animals in a rather original and captivating style.

The landscapes are also magnificent. And for good reason, the images were taken on the computer, from real photographs of nature. The directors went to capture the alpine landscapes in Switzerland, in the beautiful canton of Friborg, in Valais and in the canton of Bern. They “triturated” these images to make them into fantastic landscapes while remaining believable. We could almost recognize mountain peaks, and pieces of real rocks from the original landscapes.

Clear : we take full eyes. “The Fox and the Bird” is composed of long shots, full of details to observe, which makes this short film even nicer to see on the big screen.

If there is no dialogue, the sound nevertheless keeps a very large place in the film. The animals in the scene communicate in other ways than humans. Thanks to the masterful work of animation, the team succeeded in conveying the emotions of the characters to the spectator.t just with the movements of the animals.

We discover background music, sounds of nature, which makes the rhythm of the film sometimes slow, almost meditative. Released in 2018, “Le Renard et l’Oiseau” lasts about 12 minutes. A short film to watch with the family or not, it’s all public!

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