anthology of tweets that made us laugh


The fateful day has arrived… It’s the official start of the school year this Thursday, September 2nd. It’s the same catchphrase every year, children and teenagers find their way back to school after several months of special summer vacation this year. Some adults are also once again indulging in the joys of transport and reuniting with colleagues.

It did not take more for schoolchildren, college students or even high school students invading Twitter since this morning. This 2021 recovery is even currently in a Top Tweet on the social network via the hashtag # rentreescolaire2021. Small compilation of tweets that made us laugh!

Mourning farewell to the holidays …

To those depressed at the start of the school year, these tweets should cheer you up … Good luck to all for this recovery!

And you, what are your little tips to calmly approach the start of the school year? What advice would you give for a successful start to school? Share it with us on our forums.

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