Jeans become too small or too big? Camaïeu launches the “yoyo guarantee”


During our life, our body is brought to evolve. We can gain or lose weight, to varying degrees. Results ? We sometimes have to rethink our wardrobe, from one year or from one month to the next, going through the shopping box. Already morale can suffer, our bank account can also be damn badly damaged. The ready-to-wear brand Camaïeu comes to the rescue by launching a new service: the “yoyo guarantee”. What is the principle ? How to benefit from it? We explain to you.

Yoyo guarantee: Camaïeu’s body positive operation

You have surely already lived that moment when your favorite jeans don’t fit anymore… Wipe away your tears, this mishap will never happen to you again thanks to Camaïeu. From this September, the brand is committed to more inclusive fashion. His idea ? Offer the “yoyo guarantee” to its consumers. The principle is very simple:

“Camaïeu is committed to ensuring that its customers feel perfectly good in their jeans and wants to free them from their weight. Weight gain or loss, the yoyo guarantee is a solution that offers free exchange of your jeans for 1 year against an equivalent model in another size ”, explains the brand.

Whether you are gaining or losing weight, you now have the possibility of exchanging – in store – your Camaïeu jeans become too small or too large against another size. The only condition? Join the loyalty program of the brand.

“Via this new concept, the brand advocates above all self-acceptance, the” body positive “and moves away from an ultra-standardized and complexed society. Because at Camaïeu, perfection takes all forms! “, Argues the brand in a press release


But what if your favorite jeans are no longer available? The ready-to-wear brand has also thought of everything. If the exact model of your jeans no longer exists, you will also be offered a cut equivalent for one year after purchase. The principle of the brand is clear, we are “Free to change weight as well as shirt”. A speech that feels good!

And what about ecology in all of this?

In addition to their commitment to more inclusive fashion, Camaïeu also intends to engage in sustainable fashion. In this sense, the brand assures it: this new service “warranty yoyo” promises a second life to returned / exchanged jeans. The latter will be recycled through the Camaïeu second-hand circuit, in particular via the Vestali association, which works to train and integrate women who are far from employment by training them, for example, in sewing professions.

A service in accordance with our body and the planet therefore, available in more than 500 stores, which should delight many customers! What do you think ? Come and discuss it on our forums.

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