“body positive” amputee torch-bearer mannequin


Born with a disability in her right leg, Marsha Elle is forced to undergo a lower limb amputation from an early age. When she was 5, she received her first prosthesis and had a hard time with her new body. So much so that she doesn’t wear shorts until she is 23.

But today, everything has changed for the young woman who made the cover of Playboy in April 2020. Supported by a whole community as well as several personalities (Jada Pinkett Smith and Jameela Jamil in this case), Marsha Elle is now the one of the torchbearers of the body positive movement. A lesson in courage and beauty. We present it to you.

The story of friendship between Marsha Elle and Jameela Jamil

She who mischievously calls herself “the bionic dummy“confided to Foxnews.com just after her appearance in Playboy in April 2020. She tells it. how much this experience changed her life and strengthened her self-confidence. It all started when she contacted actress Jameela Jamil on social media:

“She’s just an amazing woman. Very genuine and caring. We actually met via Instagram. She was launching her “I Weigh” platform to speak out on social issues and promote body positivity and self-acceptance. She reached out to me and asked if I wanted to participate. “

Marsha and Jameela talk a lot. To the extent that the young woman ends up considering her as a mentor : “She gave me some tips for being a woman in Hollywood. She was always encouraging me and it was just the start of a great friendship. We ended up meeting in Miami and the relationship blossomed from there ”.

Five months later, Jameela informs her that she is working on the next issue of Playboy and ask her if she would like to be part of the project :

“I said yes because I trusted her so much. She understood my position and the message I want to convey. She put me in touch with the editors of Playboy and it all grew from there. “

An experience that changed everything

As Marsha Elle explains when she discovers the ultra sexy photos of the shoot, she is very proud and moved:

“Honestly, it was surreal. I had chills. It shook me deep inside. I kept telling myself, “This is really me.” I knew I had that confidence but seeing it portrayed was remarkable. When you shoot, there are so many moving elements. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. I think ours said 5 to 10,000 words. The result was wonderful. My family is very proud too. “

For the young amputee model, singer and songwriter, the most important thing is to share your story :


“I’m proud to feel that I don’t have to hide behind loose clothes. I really feel like I was cut off from the world until I went to an amputee center and met other people like me. I think it really empowered me over the years. I no longer felt alone. I hope when people look at me they’re like, “She’s got over her insecurities and now look how far she’s gone. I can do the same too.” “

And that confidence, Marsha She was not born with. She built it over the years. After her stay in the center, she wrote in particular a song in which she talks about how happy she is with her new state of mind :

“I started to work on gratitude. I thought to myself, “I’m going to let these legs serve me in a positive way.” I started looking for things in myself every day of the week. I was like, “I’m beautiful. I’m trying.” “

“Never give up. Don’t stop creating”

When she started modeling at the age of 17, Marsha hopes her photos will reflect her newfound self-confidence. And when the Playboy shots go viral, she knows she’s won her bet:

“I never thought it would have been positive. But my confidence led me to believe in myself… No one wants to be disabled, but that doesn’t take away from your sexuality or your sensuality. I want to show people like me, “Hey, you look beautiful!” You can be sexual and sensual. It’s good to have those feelings. It’s normal to want to have partnerships and relationships. You are worthy of it! “

When Jada Pinkett Smith, American actress and singer but also wife of actor Will Smith, shares one of her photos on Instagram, his self-confidence grows even more :

“It’s so heartwarming. When you’re in an industry like this, sometimes you get so invested in the work that you honestly don’t expect anyone else to notice. So when she noticed it, it meant something. It was so encouraging. “

If the young woman has not always had confidence in herself, she now aspires to break the codes. She wants to show her prosthesis, assume your handicap so that finally eyes turn away from her leg and simply land on her. She also wants to inspire those who face disability :

” Never give up. Don’t stop creating. Even in your darkest days. Find ways to be creative and discover the things that bring out the best in you. Don’t look at your past failures and take nothing personally. “

A story that challenges and inspires. A magnificent message on the acceptance of oneself and one’s body which feels good!

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