10 hairstyle ideas for difficult mornings


There are days like this, when nothing goes. As the start of the school year approaches or at the end of the week when fatigue has accumulated, it’s even worse … With your head still half on the pillow, it is therefore not always easy to embark on an ultra-elaborate hairstyle. But don’t panic, we’ve thought of you and we’ve found 10 easy and quick hairstyle ideas to achieve on difficult mornings. Ponytail, bun, headband, braid: in 5 minutes top time, I promise it’s doable!


1 – Boxer braid

2 – the braided half-tail

3 – The high “fuzzy” bun

4 – The ultra simple bun

5 – twisted hair

6 – The low braid

7 – The low ponytail

8 – The low bun

9 – Braids on loose hair

10 – The headband or scarf

The images speak for themselves, hardly need a tutorial: hairstyles ideas really easy and quick to reproduce from the start. You have zero fuss looks!

And you precisely, what hairstyle do you adopt on difficult mornings? Come talk about it and show us on our forum!

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