which mattress to choose for quality sleep?


Did you know ? We spend a third of our life sleeping! This is more than enough reason to take the time to choose your mattress carefully. Imagine the joy of going to bed every night on a mattress that hugs your curves … If there is ever a time to invest in new bedding: it is during the start of the school year. We start this new year refreshed, serene and ready to face all the trials that await us. Today, the editorial team gives you its 4 good reasons for choosing a good mattress and above all, the 3 essential criteria to take into account before purchasing it.

4 reasons to choose a good mattress

Think any mattress can do? After reading these 4 arguments, you are likely to change your mind !

1 – Act on their cognitive abilities and their health

Yep, with a good mattress, you’re not just going to have a big sleep. You also go act directly and positively on your physical health (back and joint pain). And on your sanity (improved mood, positive attitude, increased cognitive abilities and concentration and finally, strengthening of the immune system)! If that is notgreat reasons to invest in a good mattress.

2 – Improve memory and learning

You can imagine: sleep is essential for the mind. Deprivation makes it much more difficult to learn and perform tasks (including for our children). Correct and restorative rest will result in a better memory operation and better data assimilation received during the day.

3 – Control your weight and protect your heart

Doctors are all in agreement on this: the sleep is very important to regulate your weight. And especially the quality of his sleep. It also directly influences the health of our heart. This is because stress-related hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) increase in the blood when we suffer from insomnia. This results in a increased blood pressure and heart rate.

4 – The mattress influences the quality of our sleep

Because it acts physically and directly on our body. Coupled with the lowest possible light and noise level and an acceptable temperature, a good mattress can change everything in terms of the quality of sleep. And this, Maxcolchon understood well with a wide range of mattresses adapted to the performance required by each of the millions of sleepers that we are.

In their catalog, we find viscoelastic foam mattresses, latex, but also pocket springs or foam. The brand even offers a healthy mattress selection, chosen for the quality of their composition. Perfect for very allergic people or sensitive to dust mites, for example. To note that each product is made to measure for the customer, there is no stock. Eco responsible and committed to quality, we love it!


3 essential criteria for choosing a good mattress

Now that we are convinced … let’s take action! Do you feel a little lost? Here are 3 simple tips that should enlighten you

1 – Select a mattress that takes care of your back

The back is a bit the nerve center of our body. At the slightest annoyance, it is often he who drinks the first one. Therefore, it is important to select a mattress that adapts to the shape of our body and who has a perfect texture and consistency. This will also allow sleep in one go without waking up two or three times during the night.

So, out of the question to go to any mattress merchant. We need a rest specialist who go guide us to select the product best suited to our desires and needs (some like firmness, not others for example).

2 – Don’t skimp on its price

Let’s be clear : yes, a good mattress costs a certain price. Although the latter vary from one brand to another. Either way, keep in mind that a mattress is not not a compulsive purchase, but a long term investment and essential to your good health. Also note that mattresses have a lifespan between 8 and 10 years.

Thus, better to pay the price and select a mattress that will have benefits on our physical and mental health.

3 – Prepare your sleeping area upstream

It’s important to know the dimensions of your room and leave as much space as possible in your bed. Too bad if you do not have the space to add a nice armchair. Your sleep comes first, because it will directly impact your days!

So, we choose a suitable mattress size depending on whether we are alone or two. And we do particular attention to the adaptability of the product, its firmness and its breathability. Highly technological, today’s mattresses are mostly very breathable. If you want to keep them in good condition, remember to ventilate them and turn them regularly. Your salesperson will be able to give you full information on this matter.

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