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The start of the school year is fast approaching. Some may even be back in the office already. And with this period, its share of small and big problems. Life at 100 miles an hour is picking up and there’s not much you can do about it. How do you reconcile so many tasks in just 24 short hours? So many questions that clutter your mind and keep you constantly alert? Does rest seem to you as essential as it is inaccessible? In order to fight against this wave of annual anxiety, the editorial staff tells you all about the beach brain.

The beach brain, or the art of bringing the sea to you

The beach brain is a relaxation technique which, as its name suggests, revolves around the seaside atmosphere. Indeed, in addition to the obvious rest and sense of freedom that vacationing in the sun brings, scientists at the University of Exeter in England have discovered that living by the sea had a real positive impact on morale. Among the 48 million people questioned on the occasion of the study, a link was established between coast and good health.

Unfortunately, not everyone can live near beaches, or spend most of their time there. The beach brain therefore offers transfer the virtues of sea air directly to your home. How? ‘Or’ What ? Well, Dr. Heidi Hanna, neuroscientist and director of education at the American Institute of Stress, explains that the beach can also be seen as a state of mind. Thus, the beach brain consists of bring the sea to you, failing to be able to get there.

Simply by your imagination, or by immersing yourself in the sounds of waves, lapping in the water etc. Imagining yourself by the sea will be beneficial to both your body and your mind.

“It relaxes, reduces stress, muscle tension, improves focus and attention, and fills us with a feeling of peace, joy and well-being,” says Dr Hanna.

3 simple beach brain exercises to apply in your daily life

1 – Set up a ritual

On vacation, you often do the same thing before going to sunbathe on the beach. Well it is aboutset up a similar ritual in your home. Of course, there is no question of ending up in a swimsuit when it’s 15 ° C, but start by swapping your eternal sneakers and pumps against a pair of flip flops from so many to another.


Use your imagination to you figure the touch of hot sand on your feet. Your brain will associate this pair of tap shoes with a moment of relaxation and it will be easier to soothe you. To do without moderation at the office or at home.

2 – Create a “beach-like” environment

Visually, it will be very difficult, we grant you. Corn sight is not the only one of your senses to be stimulated during your seaside vacation. You therefore have a few cards left to play.

Mission number one: hearing, listen to noises that bring you back to your vacation. We all have in mind this film character who praised in a rather laughable way the extraordinary benefits of listening to the song of the whales. And yet, it is not. Sounds of waves, seagulls, boats or the famous song of the whales … all this has an effect on your morale. And he is most positive. You will easily find what to settle for on YouTube or via applications such as Atmosphere (available on the App Store and the Google Store) or Relax Melodies (available on the App Store only).

If that is not enough to transport you, far from the hubbub of the metro, the crying of children and the umpteenth request from your colleague, doctors also offer to trick your sense of smell. So use a few drops oflime essential oils, incense and wood. Your nose will almost think it’s breathing the deliciously salty sea air.

3 – Sunbathe as soon as possible

Proof of this is the summer which is coming to an end, the weather does not always meet our expectations. However, when the latter agrees to cooperate, jump at the opportunity and offer your skin to the sun’s rays (with SPF protection, that goes without saying). Indeed, the sun you gives energy and acts like a very good natural anti-stress by stimulating the creation of vitamin D.

So, in this month of September often synonymous with a return to routine, do not wait any longer! Test the beach brain and escape without leaving your daily life. Do not hesitate to share your feedback with us on our forums.

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