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In the depths of love, separation is like a real tsunami. All the delights of life take on a bitter flavor and each moment of solitude is accompanied by a torrent of tears. Undoubtedly, feelings of hatred, sadness and longing collide in people’s minds. “It does not stick any more between us, I prefer that we stop there”, short words, but scathing which reduce the heart to crumbs.

Heartache is a traumatic experience, but it can sometimes be a lifesaver. The road to recover an ounce of happiness is rocky. Fortunately, in the 2.0 universe, podcasts become heroes, they bring relief to our ailments and erase bad memories of the breakup. Reasoned voices, dented life courses, optimistic testimonies … Within this auditory cocoon, wisdom resonates. The page of the past turns and the interior renewal takes shape.

With the crisis, unions collapse

With the crisis in the background, 2.0 separations are generalized. Even more devastating, they occur without warning. According to an Ifop poll, 1 in 10 couples planned to distance themselves after the first confinement. Forced cohabitation, underlying anxiety, sleep disturbance, unbearable long distance relationship, all aggravating factors that have disrupted the unions. Even more radical decision: 4% of French people have decided to break up for good.

To get out of this nightmarish spiral and mend the painful breakup, podcasts emerge as effective antidotes. With their intimate side, they immerse us in bewitching and beneficial stories. This format without images may have therapeutic effects. Podcasts put words to our emotions and help us accept this brutal transition. They are the crutch on which to lean in the event of blues. Headphones or headphones plugged in, soft lighting, cozy atmosphere … the virtuous immersion can begin.

1 – EX…

“These are not necessarily ex stories, but rather extraordinary stories”… This is the common thread of this podcast created by Agathe Lecaron. Anonymous from all walks of life testify without filter and deliver authentic stories. Each story lifts the veil on the thousand and one facets of love, from uproar to disillusionment through the discovery of a soul mate. Over the course of the various episodes, words sometimes tinged with hatred, disgust or, on the contrary, passion, remain in memory.

In a surge of positivity, these strangers share a part of their intimacy. We find the confession of a supporter of the FN who falls madly in love with an Iranian migrant or the story of a woman who had 5 children with a very disabled man. Beautiful messages of hope which prove that each event gives rise to new behaviors. And at the heart of “The Declaration”, Elsa makes a introspection and plunges back into its rupture. The young woman ended nine years of relationship and thanks to this decision, she was able to meet your real alter ego.

2 – The Love Clinic

The married life, often idealized, can also be complex. The incessant conflicts, jealousy, frustrations, the impression of suffocating, the desire to send everything waltz … these plural and natural feelings upset unions. This informative podcast is proof of that. In a public hospital in the South of France, a psychiatrist and a psychologist receive couples that go through thunderstorms and storms. On the brink of rupture, all empty their bags in front of the professionals. Armed with their resentment, their doubts and their sick pride, they show their feverish faces. To save their unions from the waters, they try to untangle the knots of evil.

The sessions take on the air of a letdown. The two partners reveal their flaws in broad daylight, they no longer hide their weaknesses. This podcast that auscultates modern couples with accuracy proves that love is far from being a long quiet river. Before opting for an irreversible decision, it is essential to communicate in all sincerity.

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3 – Heartache

Great philosophers, renowned writers and revolutionary scientists have always been fascinated by love behavior. Loss of appetite, disturbed sleep, depression, isolation … during a break-up, several symptoms reverse our state of health. The overwhelming news sticks to our skin and rings like an echo. To contrast this lackluster morale, the podcast “Chagrin d’amour” identifies strong and moving testimonies that will help you move up the slope of happiness.


Behind these distressing heartaches also hide unsuspected advantages. It is the time to to rediscover oneself, to take back time for oneself, to cherish oneself, but above all to be reborn. In turn, of women indulge and optimistically display their single status. Juliette tells for example her impossible romance at a distance, Adeline confides in her frozen relationship, almost bland and Celine explains how she escaped the clutches of a toxic man. All have taken back the reins of their lives and are enjoying every moment to the fullest. Proof that rupture does not rhyme with fatality.

4 – Single

In our society, celibacy is often seen as a failure. Yet it is also a lifestyle choice synonymous with independence and unconditional freedom. From the age of 30, the pressure increases tenfold. “You are too difficult that’s why you can’t find anyone” ; “It’s obvious, you will never have children if you don’t get in the house right away” ; “You’re too homey, that’s not how you’re going to meet love”… As much revolting phrases that weigh on the minds of singles. Fortunately, more and more women are claiming an assumed choice and dare to leave these “predefined” boxes.

For those who remain complexed by their romantic situation, the “Célibataire” podcast is a gold mine. It contains sincere and poignant testimonies. Surrounded by friends as a couple, Maéva suffered from the gaze of others. But taking the height, she decided to to detach from these unfounded opinions to accept oneself. “The others get there and not me”, Célia, she has the impression of being abnormal. But a message of hope emerges at the end of each hearing. “Life is not a race, everyone at their own pace” A key phrase to memorize urgently. This podcast redesigns all the advantages of celibacy.

5 – Emotions

Since the Covid opened the doors of our daily lives, curious love trends have also blossomed. Zuping, maskfishing, corona cuffing … a new kind of Anglo-Saxon lexicon which illustrates negative practices. During confinement, relations were disrupted. This forced lockdown has driven some couples into an unbearable routine. The angry screams go through the walls of the apartment, disagreements become widespread and the flame of love fades over the days. But a break in the middle of quarantine does even more damage.

Between loneliness, loss of confidence, and lack of social ties … depression sets in without warning. This podcast comes as a backup for get you out of these troubled waters. Cyrielle Bedu, who holds the microphone, inspect all the emotions that pass through us. It helps to better understand the origin of discomfort andaccelerate the work of introspection. Nostalgia, resentment, jealousy, suffering … all these passages are peeled for help you see more clearly. Educational support, this podcast allows you to put a cross on the past and move forward with confidence.

Brutal ruptures on the canvas

According to INSEE data, one in three French people has experienced a romantic break-up in their life. This pivotal stage, which seems insurmountable, has evolved over the years. Our ancestors met at popular balls and kept the flame alive by post. Today, dating apps are standardizing, SMS fuse and the first dates are done online. But relations are cut short and fleeting stories are linked.

At the heart of this ruthless virtual space, conquered souls quickly become disillusioned. The Cupid of modern times sometimes shoots poisoned arrows in the daily life of individuals in distress. Thereby, after having surveyed these various podcasts, the grief fades and new horizons emerge. Say goodbye to this tormented life, finally embark on a victorious and uninhibited epic. The thinker Nietzsche said it: “Anything that doesn’t kill makes you stronger”. So, gently raise the barometer of happiness.

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