She turns breasts into art to denounce Instagram censorship


Expert makeup artist Maria Davydova transforms her own breasts (or those of models) into absolutely unique works of art. Its goal ? Fight Instagram’s sexist censorship, while celebrating the beauty of female bodies. Discovery

“Artits”, an artistic project on Instagram

Men’s nipples on Instagram? No problem. But female nipples? It’s indecent, for the social network. The platform censors them, in the next hour the publication. To fight against this ban, the make-up artist from Russia Maria Davydova uses her brush and her creativity. Since May 2020, she has thus transformed women’s breasts into truly unique works of art. “I was in a creative crisis and wanted to do more than make up or paint faces”, tells the artist to the British magazine Dazed.

The young artist already has 66,000 subscribers on her personal account @mary_dav where she regularly shares his artistic works of make-up and photographs fashion. For Maria Davydova, Instagram’s censorship of naked bodies is intolerable. That’s why she launched “Artits”, a contraction between “art” and “tits”, breasts in English. A project in which she turns breasts into immeasurable works of art. The artist publishes his creations mainly on his Instagram account @redavart, which begins to have more and more subscribers.

Breasts in surrealist and political works

Maria’s creations are all unique in their kind. For example, the artist transforms the breasts into pretty flowers, or into playful vinyl records and also makes real original paintings. She is inspired by contemporary artists like Keith Haring, Magritte or popular political movements like #FreeTheNipple. The artist also creates images that may be considered shocking or subversive to denounce misogyny and other social problems.

She says that women’s breasts have long inspired her. “Even as a child, I loved them madly”. His project is also a way to celebrate the naturalness and uniqueness of women, through the exhibition of breasts of all sizes, colors and shapes.

“It’s important that my subscribers understand that female nudity, like female beauty, is very varied. And that’s what is beautiful, ”she adds to Dazed.

Exposing the sexist censorship of Instagram

Apart from theamazing aesthetic of these images (some of which you should avoid showing your trypophobic friends), series therefore addresses socio-political issues such as misogyny, censorship of women’s bodies and slut-shaming (humiliation of a woman for her attitude considered too provocative).


“Ultimately, I want male and female nipples in photos to be treated the same – everything should be censored or everything becomes available for free viewing. “

Unfortunately, Davydova saw several of his works deleted from the platform since she launched it. “As a designer, it is very painful because I put my soul and my time into each job”, she says. She hopes that in the future, the management of the platform will revise these censorship rules and learn to separate art from pornography. Moreover, it announces the color in the description of the Instagram account: “this content is not for wankers”.

The artist intends to continue to navigate the platform’s strict censorship rules, develop the account, reach as many people as possible and create looks on breasts other than his own.

“I want to shine a light on models of different ages, races and beauty parameters to show people that even though we have complexes, we have to accept who we are and love ourselves. “

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