8 fashion tips to highlight your tan at the start of the school year


The start of the school year is approaching and, fortunately for us, we still have beautiful traces of tan. Hard earned, this pretty golden skin is begging to show off! The editorial team comes to your aid by giving you its 8 fashion tips to highlight your tan and make all your colleagues green with envy!

1 – The famous fluid white shirt

Classic, but terribly effective! If there is one color that makes a summer tan stand out, it’s white.. We choose it preferably over the heart and we adopt it with jeans and heeled sandals. The perfect outfit for back to school!

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2 – Holiday jewelry

Ankle chain, bracelet with an anchor … It’s a safe bet that you treated yourself to a piece of jewelry this summer and that it reminds you of the good times you spent on vacation. Don’t put it away, instead keep sporting it with your office looks. Ultra hot!

3 – White shoes, a safe bet

If you like white, you might as well be served! Wedge sandals, sandals … Let your feet breathe and show them off in pretty open white shoes. You will have plenty of time to wear sneakers later …

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4 – Green do you want some here

Alongside white, impossible to miss the green when it comes to showing off your summer tan. What’s more, it’s super trendy this year. Our ultimate fashion tip? The famous green blazer on a white camisole. Guaranteed success!


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5 – See life in pink

A few days ago, we devoted an article to this very popular color for several seasons. Fuchsia or pastel, there is no better ally to bring out your tan. We adopt it as well in tunic as in pants for example!

6 – Satin is on all fronts

This fluid and shiny material is ideal for skin iridescent by the sun. We love the idea of ​​putting on a satin dress for an evening … But not only! You will also find satin blouses to be bloused with jeans or a suit. Ideal!

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7 – Colorful accessories

Handbag, earrings, necklace, bracelet, hat … it has to slam ! Orange, mustard yellow, duck blue … We associate all this with a basic all white outfit and this is the perfect combo to maximize the effect of your summer tan!

8 – The famous flowered dress

Whatever the season, it looks like the floral dress has become a wardrobe staple. To highlight her caramel-colored skin, opt for a white dress with a floral print. We prefer a discreet print made of small flowers. Superb!

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