9 hot resolutions to adopt at the start of the school year


After the naughty summer dates, it’s out of the question to let the flame go out. Whether you are a couple or single, back to school is an opportunity to introduce new rituals that will allow you to explore your sexuality. This will have multiple advantages: both on your morale, but also on your self-confidence. The editorial team presents its 9 hot resolutions for 2021-2022!

1 – Free yourself from your chains

A fulfilling sexuality begins with self-confidence. So we take the time to listen to ourselves and take care of our body. We ask ourselves the right questions by targeting what we need / want. Why not take up yoga or change all your lingerie, for example?

We stop reading tons of articles on sexuality and the cult of performance. We go in search of his real me. We do not hesitate to indulge in massages, a manicure, a session with the hairdresser … In short, everything that makes us want and does our body good. An effective remedy against stress and an undeniable source of well-being, you can also opt for a little masturbation session. At the key? A newfound self-confidence, a desire to explore new horizons …

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2 – Write fiery sextes

No, we don’t only see that in movies or series! Sextings are accessible to all and can raise the temperature by several degrees even when you are not in the same room. Be explicit without saying too much in order to let the imagination do its work … Talk about your desires and dare to write to him what you would never have the courage to say to him in his face without blushing like a tomato …

If you feel like it, you can even add some sensual photos to your sext. To do this, be sure to ensure the honesty of your partner beforehand. Revenge porn is unfortunately still present among exes in 2021 …

3 – Increase bonding in your relationship

If you’ve been in a relationship for a little while, it’s a safe bet that a sexual routine has settled between you. Always the same positions, always the same times, always the same places … if it suits you, it’s perfect, but you can also feel the need for something new. And to do this, you will have to communicate about your fantasies.

New positions, making love in an unusual place, creating a role play … there are as many possibilities as there are couples ! Buying a naughty toy and having fun together can, for example, considerably increase your bonding in bed. Shared orgasms are fun! Of course, if you’re uncomfortable, you don’t have to make each other’s fantasy come true. Communicate, find compromises and have fun !

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4 – Fully assume your sexuality

“Going to bed the first night is frowned upon”, “If I reveal my bisexuality to him, he will flee”, “What will he say if I tell him about my desires for debauchery?” “, “I would like to introduce him to bdsm”Forget the norms and standards, trust yourself! Very often certain limiting beliefs prevent us from assuming our sexuality, but there is no sexual norm that holds. It is time to think of yourself, fully of you, and to adopt this good resolution. Objective: make peace with your own sexuality for more than hot future plans!

5 – Set up regular naughty dates

The rooms in your house are certainly comfortable and pretty … But you know them by heart! And to break your sexual routine, if that is your desire, you have to get out of your comfort zone.. So of course, we don’t tell you to have sex on a motorway rest area (whatever…). But rather of meet your other half in a hotel or a romantic bed and breakfast for example.


Or why not, rent a boat for the weekend! Here, the idea is to meet in a place that will inspire our couple and allow him to find himself in a new context. During this little getaway, you can also take some naughty toys with you, for intoxicating games for two !

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6 – Ban electronic devices from the bedroom

At first glance, this is not a “hot resolution”, but televisions, cellphones and other tablets grab our brains: result the moments together suffer. Every once in a while while watching a series or movie, it is nice indeed, but falling asleep next to each other with my eyes riveted on his screen, it sucks.

The solution : turn off, or at least mute, all electronic devices when you cross the threshold of the bedroom. A simple gesture but very beneficial to your married and / or sexual life.

7 – As a couple or single, use sex toys

If more and more people are talking about it freely, it is because there is a reason … The successive confinements have uninhibited our brakes. They got us urged to try new experiences and push back the limits we thought we had set for ourselves.

Single, these little toys will allow us to continue to provide us with pleasure and explore our body solo to determine the erogenous zones. As a couple, they willadd spice to our antics. Cunnilingus stimulator, prostate stimulator, connected vibrating egg … the possibilities are endless!

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8 – Introduce your partner to prostate massage

Point P, in other words the “prostatic point”, is to man what point G is to woman. Understand thatonce stimulated / massaged it is absolutely divine. And for good reason, the anus is a very innervated area and therefore (very) receptive to caresses.

Between taboos and clichés, men are unfortunately very often reluctant to stimulate this area. Corn if you, like your male partner, are comfortable with this practice, dare with your fingers or a sextoy, take this access route to 7th heaven.

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9 – Create the lack in the other

When we live together, we don’t necessarily want or have the opportunity to leave without our partner. And even if you don’t feel the need to, know that there is nothing more beneficial for a couple than being apart from time to time.. Go out alone with your friends one night, go on weekends … try to separate every now and then. And you will see that when you come back, the desire will be hotter than ever, because the other considers his / her partner as not acquired.

With these 9 easy-to-apply resolutions, it’s a safe bet that your libido will be boosted, whether you are alone or in a relationship! From now on, all you have to do is apply them little by little and taste new delicious sensations from the start of the school year.… Take advantage of it and don’t put the pressure on yourself!

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