5 beauty tips to prolong the benefits of summer


Tanned and perfumed skin, well-being, zen attitude … there is no doubt, the summer has done us the greatest good. We feel in good shape and ready to face the coming year. With one detail ready: the fear of losing all the good things acquired during the summer season. Don’t panic, there are of course beauty tips to durably prolong the effects of summer. Here are 5 that you can put in place right now.

1 – keep a good summer glow

This is what we often fear when returning from vacation: losing our hard-earned tan ! Don’t get your hopes up: the tan lines ALWAYS go away … It’s terrible, but it is so. On the other hand, you can prolong your tan a little more thanks to a few little tips.

But the real key to success is work on his mine. We can tend to have a blurred and dull complexion, as soon as everyday life takes over. Well flash news: it is quite possible to look good without being tanned. ! And what is our secret weapon? Hydration sure !

Then choose the right moisturizer (one for the face, one for the body) and have fun! Above all, don’t forget to cleanse your skin well morning and evening before applying the cream. And don’t leave out any part of your body: elbows, buttocks and feet included ! Hydration helps keep your tan a little and prevent the appearance of the famous grayish complexion.

2 – Breathe anti-stress smells

Monoi-based oil, scented candle … do not hesitate to “sniff” the smells that made you happy this summer. They are very beneficial to your morale. You can also choose your shower gel for a “tropical” or “island vanilla” scent, for example. Alternatively, opt for a lavender body milk and use essential oil of mandarin and sweet orange. These smells will soothe you, reduce your blood pressure and reduce stress. At all good!


3 – Use beauty products inspired by the sea

Remember, we have dedicated an article to them a few weeks ago. Dead Sea mud, seaweed-based makeup remover, salt scrub, seawater face serum or salt water hair spray. The benefits of the sea are not only dedicated to summer. You can even use all of these products all year round. So you will have the feeling of prolonging the holidays a bit and your body will say thank you!

4 – Pay attention to your diet

Even if we tend to lift our elbow more easily during the summer, our diet improves noticeably. We eat (logically) less junk food and more fruits and vegetables. All of this is extremely beneficial for our body. We must try to make these food reflexes last as long as possible.. Even if, in winter, we tend to eat more substantial dishes, which is quite normal.

Favor foods rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants. Take the time to eat your lunch, just like when you were on vacation. try walk at least 30 minutes a day and avoid snacking as much as possible.

5 – Reset your sleep cycle

On vacation, it is true that we tend to go to bed late and get up late. Obviously, difficult to do the same in our daily life. Sleeping late with work is rare. In order not to feel flat and have a grayish mine, you will have to reset your sleep correctly..

So, we go to bed around 10 p.m. or 10:30 p.m. and we leave our phone far from ourselves. We favor reading a good book before going to sleep. To stay in shape until winter, we will have to discipline ourselves a little. Don’t panic, it’s totally doable!

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