Lisa Nasri breaks down our barriers!


Her name is Lisa Nasri, is 36 years old and lives in the Paris region. Her face and her curls may be familiar to you … and for good reason! In addition to being a columnist for the Health Magazine on France 5, she is also an author. You may have already read his first book: “Break up your barriers!”.

But Lisa is also the wonderful creator of Happy Fit, which now has more than 24,000 subscribers on Instagram. His mission ? Make you gain self-confidence through sport, regardless of your weight. We met her, she gives us an exclusive and impactful interview.

Lisa Nasri: a concentrate of good humor and advice

In his column “Allo doctor” on France 5, the round sports coach dismantle every cliché about sport. It attacks old beliefs such as “you can’t run when you’re fat” :

“I think it’s great to be on the public channel. We even have a deal with the channel: never talk about my weight or the word “fat”. Myself, I do not play sports for fat people. I play sports for those who don’t want to do it. “

And it must be said that Lisa’s early career had nothing to do with the world of gyms. Indeed, she is a lawyer in international law until the age of 25. Sporty, she decides to leave her job in which she feels cramped, out of place. Even going so far as to develop a stress illness which causes stains on the intestine and aerophagia attacks:

“My weapon against stress has always been sport. I was really in pain at this time of my life. My doctor left me the choice: “either you quit your job, or I cut you a piece of the intestine”. I decided to listen to my little inner voice and no longer let myself be influenced by what my relatives and society told me. “

Dare to enter the field of sport when you are a round woman

And when Lisa decides to professionally enter the world of sport, she realizes how people around her misuse the sport :

“I had fun like never before in sport. This is where my vision of Happy Fit was born. I was the fattest woman in the gym all the time. But where have the other curvy women gone ?! “

Excited by her professional project, his Pôle Emploi advisor strongly encourages him to officially create Happy Fit. But Lisa is a little scared, she prefers to have a safe environment before starting:

“At that time, my Pôle Emploi advisor threatened to deregister me (laughs)! So I went backwards to an entrepreneurial training. And when I was done, I just felt like I was out of jail. No more office, no more stomach ache. My body kept giving me warning signals. And if I hadn’t listened to him, it could have led me to my grave. “

When she founded Happy Fit, she decides to be inspired by her story :

“I started the sport at 18 years old. I was going there to lose weight. Cardio thoroughly, and I ate nothing to punish myself. It was in Brussels that I discovered pleasure sport. There, nobody gave me any thoughts about my weight in the gym. And yet, it was also there that I reached my maximum weight. “

The importance of looking and knowing your body

New to the Brussels region, she decides to taste the local specialties with enthusiasm. She gains 9 kilos in 3 months. For her, it’s a shock. But not the one we imagine :

“I got naked in front of the mirror to see where all those pounds had gone. I sat down to see all the bulges. And I cried. But it wasn’t because I blamed myself for having eaten. I was angry with myself for having been in denial, for not having known how to look at my body. Otherwise, I would have automatically noticed the appearance of new forms on my body. “

His coach at the time explains to him that when she burns at sports, she absolutely needs protein on the side. Without this, it is impossible to recover muscles. Not to mention the fatigue that overwhelms Lisa, because she does not eat vegetables. A bit like putting lead in a car, no way it can start:


“There is no point in dieting. Rather, you have to ask yourself what your body needs. And in France, unfortunately we do not have the same discourse at all! The proof, I often heard: “Lisa must have a problem with the food. She comes every day, but she does not lose weight”. So I must understand that if I play sports, it is to lose weight? And if I don’t lose weight, I have a problem ?! Well no ! The problem is you, it’s you! “

Rediscover the pleasure of playing sports in a festive atmosphere

Lisa is very clear with herself. She’ll always be round, and that’s okay. She doesn’t want to lose weight, but rather cultivate its forms. And that, the people around her do not understand:

“I had to lose weight! And the problem also comes from the coaches. We formatted them. They can’t hear that I just want to build muscle and not lose weight. Result: I have done 8 cinemas in 5 or 6 years! Not to mention the reflections of members like “you have big legs!”

And what challenges Lisa, is that these reflections rarely come from men, but rather from women. She also realizes that many women are destroyed by the thoughts of others.

Determined to change the situation, she officially founded Happy Fit 5 years ago. She would have loved to have someone introduce her to her sports classes at the time:

“They are playful, fun. I want to be able to sing, have fun and play sports at the same time! The goal is for my students to enjoy sweating and doing squats! I set up a whole festive atmosphere, but the fact remains that I do sports! Here, we send our complexes waltzing. My classes are for men and women, regardless of their weight and physical condition! “

Plus size sportswear: Lisa’s best addresses from Happy Fit

During our meeting with Lisa, we inevitably brought up the subject of plus size fashion and more particularly, sportswear suitable for curvy women. For her, only one address is valid:

“I only have one piece of advice: Fabletics! I have never found such shapely and well-cut leggings. And I know a lot of women dread this site because of the subscription, but it is very easy to opt out. The materials are of good quality. The clothes do not roll. And pinch, we have as much style as the girls on Instagram! “

On the lingerie side, Lisa finds her happiness at Glamorise, available on La Redoute. She also likes the bras from Zsport and the Domyos brand, available at Décathlon.

Because like many of us, Lisa wants to be sexy, wear color, not camouflage herself and be comfortable in her sportswear.. For her, it is above all a vicious circle:

“Nothing is suitable, not even sports machines. Let’s give the tools to people so that they can get to the end of things! There are always “yes but’s” in plus size sports fashion. Bicycle helmets are not suitable for big heads. The same goes for riding boots and big calves. And what about bathing caps for voluminous hair? We disgust sports people with all that! “

“Find the sport you love!”

An observation that we share 100%. As Lisa says so well, there are no more excuses with all the new products that come out almost daily. The plump woman has the right to have sports outfits that suit her well.

“We think of disabled sports, but what about fat people? What an inconsistency! The brands are resistant, suddenly, we are going to get supplies elsewhere. It is such a shame ! We have a knife to our throat, it is not normal. There are so many unlikely collabs today … What are we waiting for? Get us one absolutely hot plus size leggings, I’m sure they’ll be a hit! “

To all those who are afraid to (re) take up sport, she has only one piece of advice:

“Find the sport that makes you love it! Do not hesitate to test several of them. You have the right to change! “

Want to write Lisa a note? Do not hesitate to discover and follow her, beyond this interview, on her Instagram account and his website!

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