5 things to do around the house for a smooth recovery


It’s hard to get used to the idea and yet … the start of the 2021 school year is looming! Rather than waiting while feeling down, why not make some changes in your interior? The goal ? Organize to be more efficient, make the house functional and why not, apply a new organization that will save us more free time. Yes, young and old will be able to participate in all these small changes! Ready? Here are our top tips.

1 – Attack the famous big household

Didn’t you do it during the spring? So now is the time to get started! The goal? Sort, organize and optimize. If you have children, charge them with sort their toys and supervise the sorting of their cupboards. The same goes for the parents’ room. We also do the sorting in the bathroom cupboards, in the entrance dressing room and in the kitchen cupboards. If your partner is a DIY enthusiast, he can do the same in the garage.

The goal is to leave with a house where we will find only the essentials, useful things and decorative elements that do not overload our interior. Of course, it is also the occasion to washing the inside of drawers and vacuuming under furniture and behind the washing machine while to do.

Our tip? Create a schedule of tasks to be accomplished. Rome was not built in a day. And whether you have an apartment or a house, whether you are alone or with a whole small family, the goal is to be methodical. Each day has enough trouble of its. Create a schedule that you can perfectly spread over the last week of vacation at home for example. So, on the day of the start of the school year, you will be ready to tackle the year with serenity. I promise, this feeling is really good!

2 – Rethink the layout of the living room

Statistically, this is the room where the family, or you alone, spends the most time throughout the year. Especially if you have a living room comprising living room, kitchen and dining room. Maybe it’s time tobuy a bigger dining table and change the sofa.

Think of lighten your interior of unnecessary trinkets and magazines you no longer read for example. To save space, remove the large armchairs and invest in ottomans that you will store under the living room table.

If your dining table takes up too much space, why not opt ​​for a central island and bar chairs to slide under for example ? Add some plants to give your interior a cozy touch, sort the books in your library and change the TV stand if it is no longer to your liking. The goal ? Feel inspired by your interior and above all free to move! Whether you have a large family or not, it is very important to feel Zen.


3 – Optimize the kitchen to save time in the morning

Another strategic point throughout the year: the kitchen! In the morning, we don’t often have time to spend three hours looking for breakfast items. We do not hesitate to dedicate an entire cupboard to him with all the family’s favorite ingredients. We bring together the salty grocery store in a second and the sweet in a third. We collect all the Tupperware and place them in a giant box that will contain them all.

We also do not hesitate to get rid of kitchen machines that are no longer used. A container or a tower is provided for placing the pods next to the coffee machine. We do a complete health check up on our pans, lids and saucepans. Too damaged? To throw away ! Still in good condition, but not used regularly? To give! The goal is to only have utensils that you use regularly.

And above all, remember to explain the new way of cooking to the rest of your family. If necessary, put a big rule of thumb on the fridge: “everything that is taken should be put back in its place!”. We would not want all the efforts you have made for this new organization to be upset after a month.

4 – Rearrange the entry

In summer, there is no need to put on a coat, scarf and heavy shoes. However, this is the case the rest of the year. To avoid dirtying your interior and wondering 14 times where you left the keys or your jacket, think about fitting out your entrance.

One coat hook per family member as well as a shoe cabinet so that everyone can store their shoes there and find them the next day. Also think about screw a giant keyring to the wall where you can hang all your keys once you have crossed the threshold. So, no need to turn over your entire interior to find them!

5 – Redesign the space dedicated to children

The ultimate trick is that each part has a distinct function. If you are lucky enough to have a play area for your children, now is the time to reorganize it. Create something playful, clear and visual. Invest in furniture with wheels for storing toys and in a mini bookcase to store books. Provide pencil holders and a blackboard for example. The goal is not to have a profusion of toys and activities, but rather to adapt them according to the age and desires of your child.

With all these tips, you are ready to create a new little nest, cozy, functional, practical and in which you feel infinitely good. We also share with you 9 alternatives to vacation notebooks to stimulate your child. We also give you 30 fun DIYs to awaken their green awareness. And finally, discover our article on parental pressure.

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