5 tips to prevent and reduce them


On the cheeks, the neckline, the hands, the face … very often, small brown spots appear in the summer season. While most wear off at the end of summer, some tend to stick around and set in. Most often the result of too long exposure to the sun, these spots are not necessarily dangerous, but can make us self-conscious. And the risk concerns all women, from 20 to 60 years old. Not to be confused with age spots, then. If you have had enough and want to visibly reduce them, here are some tips that could prove very useful …

1 – Understand the causes

To act at the right time, we must already know what are the causes of the appearance of dark spots. Exposure to the sun, hormonal fluctuation due to pregnancy or menopause … the causes are multiple. But the result is always the same: a anarchic overproduction of melanin which usually targets acne, spotty or poorly healed areas.

Brown spots also appear on areas that are exposed to the sun: face, hand, arm, neckline … To counter the sun, we thus avoid exposing ourselves to the strongest hours in terms of UV radiation, you protect your skin and put on a wide-brimmed hat to protect the cleavage area.

2 – Adopt a targeted and complete skincare routine

Remember, a while ago, we shared with you the beauty secret of Asian women and their pristine skin: layering. In addition to protecting yourself from the sun, you will have to adapt care to your skin. This will also allow strengthen areas weakened by the appearance of pimples, scars and any other type of lesion. Because it is on these areas that brown spots appear first. The goal ? Keep skin clean and clear at all times.

3 – Remove makeup carefully to remove impurities

Every morning we go through a gentle cleaning required. And in the evening, all the more if you put on makeup, even ritual! Never go to bed with makeup on. The residues clog the pores and prevent the proper circulation and renewal of skin cells. We opt for a gentle and moisturizing facial cleanser. Lotion or floral water is also perfect for refresh the epidermis. Beware of micellar water which may prove to be drying in the long term …


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4 – Apply an anti-dark spot serum

If you know full well that you are very prone to brown spots, you might as well act upstream and prevent this problem throughout the year. So, it is interesting tointegrate an anti-dark spot serum brunettes to her beauty routine. He allows to treat in a targeted way and optimize the action of the moisturizer. It is the latter whose mission is to create a skin protection barrier and protect against external aggressions.

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5 – Make regular scrubs and masks

Another beauty secret to avoid dark spots: make a scrub then a mask at least once or twice a week. You can opt for the mechanical scrub (with exfoliating particles) or enzymatic (based on fruit acids in particular). The scrub stimulates cell renewal and prepares the skin for the application of the mask. The latter will have a purifying, moisturizing, regenerating and firming action on your skin. Perfect for fighting brown spots all year round!

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With these 5 simple tips to apply, you will now be able to avoid the inconvenience caused by pigment coloring. We also share with you our 8 tips to fight oily hair. We also explain how to say goodbye to ingrown hairs. And finally, here are 5 natural anti-perspiration remedies.

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