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Mascara is super practical on a daily basis to enlarge your eyes. But in summer or when special occasions like birthdays and weddings arrive, we would like to be able to do this with a maximum of volume without taking the lead. To have doe eyes without being too much, two options are available to you: false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Two very distinct methods that deserve a detailed guide to their specificities. For long, dense, curled lashes, here’s what you need to know before you get started!

False eyelashes: the economical solution

False eyelashes are made up ofan assembly of bristles glued together to create the look of natural eyelashes. They allow you to increase the volume and shaping eyelashes in minutes. They are commercially available for everyone.

1 – choose the right type of false eyelashes

Once in your possession, don’t forget that sometimes you have to cut your false eyelashes in order to get the perfect length. If your eyes are small, for example, avoid thick bangs and go for long eyelashes. Conversely, if your eyes are large, you can afford the provided bangs. Your round eyes will need an almond shape.

Note that false eyelashes are more or less voluminous and may be colored, with rhinestones or patterns. The choice is extremely wide in commerce and online. In terms of form, there is three types of false eyelashes natural (mink hair, silk) or synthetic (generally vegan):

  • Half false eyelashes : that we put on half of the eyelash line, on the outer side of the eye. It’s very natural and easy to install.
  • Full bangs : are placed on the entire line of the upper lashes. The pose is a little more complex and so deserves a little practice.
  • Individual false eyelashes : are available in the form of small sections of lashes to be placed where your lashes are less dense. It is a little more tedious, but the result is very natural.

2 – Differentiate between magnetic false eyelashes and those with glue

Glue for false eyelashes is usually included in the kit, but you can get another one. For black skin, there are for example tinted glues. Even though the glue is transparent, it can indeed gray the skin. If you are used to wearing black eyeliner, you should know thatthere are black glues. The false eyelashes then blend perfectly on your eyes, no risk of demarcation !

For magnetic false eyelashes, magnets are directly present on these which allows to facilitate installation. Beginners will appreciate it, it does not leave residue as with glue. Not all brands are created equal, but it can be a solution when you start in the application of false eyelashes.

3 – Choose your false eyelashes according to your budget

Magnetic false eyelashes are around 20 euros overall and classics with glue around 5 to 15 euros. There is therefore something for all prices so that everyone get yourself a pair according to your budget. The installation can be done at home or in institute.

4 – Applying false eyelashes takes practice

Start with comb your eyelashes then use an eyelash curler. Then spread glue, without putting too much, on the base of the false eyelashes before put them as close as possible to your real eyelashes. Apply the shorter false eyelashes towards the inner corner and the longer ones towards the outer corner of the eye. Use a pair of tweezers as needed in order to manipulate the false eyelashes and thus avoid having glue on the fingers.


Leave to dry for a few minutes until the glue becomes transparent. To blend your false eyelashes with your natural eyelashes, apply black mascara and draw a line of eyeliner flush with the upper lashes.

5 – Do not wear them for more than 24 hours

Rule of thumb: False eyelashes are temporary. They should be worn for short periods, such as in the evening or during the day. Remember to remove them by pulling gently. If you have a little trouble, pass a damp cotton. Then remove make-up from your eye to remove all the glue.

Magnetic glue false eyelashes are reusable. So you can clean them with makeup remover or mild soap, and put them back another day.

Eyelash extensions: the lasting solution

The eyelash extensions are glued one by one to your eyelashes to obtain a natural result over the long term.

6 – choose the right type of extension

The classic eyelash extension gives a natural result with one application of eyelashes one after the other. The extension “Russian volume” gives for example a fan effect with maximum volume. The weight remains minimal, but the exposure time is longer (around 1h30) than the classic extension. According to the institute, there are various types of extensions, the professional will be able to advise you according to your outlook and your desires.

7 – The gaze is widened for a long time

Eyelash extensions last on average at least 3 weeks without retouching, even 1 month for some. This is an ideal solution if you want to avoid putting on false eyelashes every day or go through the mascara box every morning in the bathroom. This technique allows to widen the gaze, even when you wake up.

8 – Request a higher budget

Point not to be overlooked: we lose autonomy since eyelash extensions cannot be carried out only in institutes by professionals. Otherwise the result will not be suitable for our eyelashes. The finish is more natural, but also more expensive: between 180 euros and 250 euros per installation.

9 – Prohibit water

24 hours after the break, avoid touching your eyes or getting them wet with any liquid. Choose a suitable oil-free makeup remover like micellar water or mild soap. Clean your extensions properly, at least three times a week, and paint them everyday with a small brush. Do not wear mascara for the first few weeks. You can then use a mascara with an oil-free composition so as not to damage the eyelashes.

Now you know all about false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, to have a structured and elegant look. The trick is to determine which option best suits your desires and needs. So, no more false eyelashes or eyelash extensions team? Comment on the forum, category Beauty, Make-up.

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