6 tips to say goodbye to ingrown hairs


Aaaah those damn ingrown hairs … we’ve all more or less dealt with them. Whether in the armpits, the bikini area or even on the beard. Although often benign, ingrown hairs are unpleasant and sometimes leave scars. We therefore give you 6 tips to prevent and avoid them as much as possible.

1 – understand why they appear

This is the basis. Quite simply, because knowing this will allow you to avoid situations that lead to the appearance of ingrown hairs. This happens when the hair changes its curvature and cannot pierce the epidermis. There can be several causes for this:

  • the type of hair : curly or very fine hairs are more prone to the appearance of ingrown hairs.
  • the type of skin : if your skin is dry or thick, it will be more difficult for the hair to pierce the epidermis.
  • the way you shave : wax and epilator are ingrown hair’s best friends. They promote it because, with these methods, you remove hair against the direction of the hair.
  • repeated friction : especially with clothes for example. It tends to thicken the skin. And even worse when you sweat profusely.

2 – Never try to remove them

Let the one who has never used tweezers to get rid of this recalcitrant ingrown hair raise his hand … Dermatologists are unanimous: do not try to pierce, hole or pull out an ingrown hair. You risk creating a skin lesion.

What to do, however: disinfect and apply a local anti-inflammatory. Then, to relieve the lesion and improve its appearance, you can apply a dab of green or white clay, toothpaste or a compress soaked in 90 ° alcohol. Then it will take patience. The ingrown hair ends up destroying itself.

3 – Consult a doctor if it becomes a cyst

Even small. Sometimes, even when you don’t touch the ingrown hair, it turns into a cyst. He is characterized by a red ball, often painful, and usually filled with pus and blood. The doctor goes treat the infection with a local antibiotic, or even prescribe an oral antibiotic. If the cysts come back very regularly, it will also be necessary to think about making a diagnosis. It is possible that you suffered from Verneuil’s disease.


4 – Blur the marks with cream

If the ingrown hair has left its mark, don’t worry, there are several solutions. You can for example use an exfoliating cream, one based on AHA fruit acids or an anti acne on medical prescription. Usually, the spots go away on their own after two years. And if you see the appearance of a hole, only the laser will have the power to fix it.

5 – think about exfoliating creams or exfoliation

If you know that your skin is prone to ingrown hairs after waxing, for example, consider prevention rather than cure. For that you need use an exfoliating cream or scrub on the affected body parts. Emollient care is also effective for soften the skin and thus, allow the hair to pass without creating damage. Do it regularly, at least once a week.

6 – Be irreproachable in terms of hygiene

And here, we are not talking to you about washing yourself every day, we know that ingrown hair is not a question of cleanliness. It is more about hygiene which concerns hair removal equipment in particular. It’s a real germ nest. So do not lend your epilator or razor. Disinfect his head and be sure to remove any small hairs on it after each use and before the next.

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