11 natural tips to avoid them this summer


It’s hot and humid, we sweat profusely and our legs have tripled in size … Summer is not necessarily synonymous with glamor all the time. The worst ? When small reddish pimples settle on our skin. Already it is difficult not to scratch our mosquito buttons, those of heat add a layer. They invade our back, our cleavage and the folds of our skin. To prevent sweat from clogging our pores and causing this rash to develop, nothing beats good natural grandma remedies.

1 – Live naked

Well, not completely, but let go of your clothes to let your skin breathe. Or, choose very loose clothing or in natural materials such as linen or cotton. We abandon synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester which suffocate the skin and promote perspiration.

2 – Dry your skin

In the heat, avoid staying dirty too long in order to flush out toxins as quickly as possible. On the other hand, after the lukewarm shower, we do not allow ourselves to drip water. The moisture left on the skin in contact with the heat indeed promotes the appearance of new pimples. So we take our towel and we dry ourselves, especially at the level of the folds of the skin, to prevent moisture maceration, responsible for heat rash.

3 – Avoid exposing yourself

Or in any case not too long and above all not during the hottest hours (12 pm-4pm) or with a light sunscreen to avoid clogging the sweat glands. We ventilate, we put the air conditioning and we sit in the shade to stay dry.

4 – practice the right sport

Focus on indoor activities and early in the morning or late evening. For outdoor activities, we recommend swimming to enjoy the freshness of the water.


5 – hydrate inside and out

We sweat a lot when it is hot and to fight against heat rash the best thing to do is to to drink a lot of water. Also consider the mist or clean damp cloth to dab on the skin. A few drops of jojoba oil will also help regulate sebum and green tea spray will hydrate your skin.

6 – Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids

They will allow reduce the risk of skin inflammation. Rapeseed, soy or walnut oils and fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna) will be your best allies.

7 – choose light cosmetics

We avoid creams that are too thick in summer that obstruct the sweat ducts. We favor fluid formulas that penetrate quickly and without leaving a greasy film. Likewise, we avoid layers of makeup and let the skin breathe.

8 – Make scrubs

To remove dead skin and renew the epidermis. This will prevent new pimples from appearing. Make a scrub once or twice a week great maximum. In a bowl, pour 3 spoons of nut powder or a spoon of coffee grounds with two spoons of oats and 6 tablespoons of water and one olive oil. Mix then massage the skin gently.

9 – Apply baking soda

This will calm the itching heat rash. You can replace it with talc.

10 – take a zinc cure

Zinc is indeed known for regulate sebum production and reduce the appearance of heat rash. Note: a capsule cure is more effective than a cream.

11 – use aloe vera

After the shower, cover your skin with aloe vera gel to calm irritation. Calamine gel also works on heat rash.

Finally, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice helps tighten pores, but be careful, lemon is photosensitizing. So do not apply it before going to expose yourself. If you have other tips to avoid heat rash, share them on the forum, section Daily problems and tips.

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